Report on HMP Barlinnie Follow-up Inspection 8-12 July 2013

HMP Barlinnie was last inspected in May 2011. This is a report of the follow-up inspection undertaken between 8-12 July 2013.

Executive Summary

This inspection assesses the progress made by HMP Barlinnie in responding to the Recommendations and Action Points made in the full inspection carried out in May 2011. It also assesses if elements of the service previously considered to be Good Practice remain in place.

Recommendations: At our inspection in May 2011 we made five general Recommendations for the establishment of which two have been achieved, two partially achieved and one not achieved. We have made three further Recommendations and noted one new Area of Good Practice.

Summary of Progress: The condition of the safer cells remains cause for significant concern. Some progress has been made in providing prisoners with access to purposeful activities. This situation however may deteriorate during the period between the closure of HMPs Aberdeen and Peterhead and the opening of HMP Grampian when as a direct consequence, the prison is likely to be subject to a sharp rise in population. Risk management processes in place are good. The integration of a National Top End (NTE) into HMP Barlinnie has been well-managed and staff in this area have adapted well to the change in population.

Action Points: Of the 45 Action Points identified for the establishment, 22 have been achieved, six partially achieved, and 13 have not been achieved. Four are deemed no longer applicable. We have made 11 further Recommendations.

Summary of Progress: The drop in the prisoner population since the time of the full inspection has delivered positive benefits, particularly in relation to increased time out of cell, greater opportunities to clean cells and shower and improved access to learning activities. Both quality and quantity of prison-issue clothing has improved. Some progress has been made in relation to the management of prisoners who require a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP), however further work is required. Searching procedures in Reception need to be reviewed in order to provide a safer environment for staff and prisoners. The Mental Health Team (MHT) work well to deliver their


Good Practice: 15 out of the 18 Areas of Good Practice identified in the original inspection report are still in place. The remaining three are no longer applicable. We identified one additional Area of Good Practice and made a further three Recommendations.

The paragraph reference number at the end of each Recommendation, Action Point and Area of Good Practice refers to its location in the previous inspection report.

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