Report on HMP Edinburgh 6-17 March 2017

ISBN 978 1 78851 014 1 (Web only publication)

PPDAS 265622

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Introduction and Background

Key Facts

Overview by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland

Summary of inspection findings

Standards, commentary and quality indicators

Standard 1 Lawful and transparent use of custody

Standard 2 Decency

Standard 3 Personal safety

Standard 4 Health and wellbeing

Standard 5 Effective, courteous and humane exercise of authority

Standard 6 Respect, autonomy and protection against mistreatment

Standard 7 Purposeful activity

Standard 8 Transitions from custody to life in the community

Standard 9 Equality, dignity and respect

Standard 10 Organisational effectiveness

Annex A Prison population profile on 6 March 2017

Annex B Inspection team

Annex C Acronyms used in this report