Standards for Inspecting and Monitoring Prisons in Scotland

Executive Summary

These Standards for Inspecting and Monitoring Prisons in Scotland represent a complete revision of the previous standards which were published in 2006, to reflect changes in legislation and practice.

The regular monitoring and inspecting of prisons and other places of detention provide an important safeguard and a reassurance to the public. Such scrutiny needs to be conducted effectively, identifying both areas of good practice and where improvements should be made. The requirement to report these findings publicly contributes to public confidence in the criminal justice system.

These published standards have been drawn up through a process of extensive consultation. They are referenced against relevant law, international and professional guidance, policy and research findings.

The standards articulate what is expected of a well-run prison and contain very clear statements identifying what is important and what

will be monitored and inspected. They are designed to assist those who are running prisons and to encourage openness and transparency in the scrutiny of places of detention.

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PPDAS 38458

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The Inspection of Prisons

The Structure and Evaluation of the Standards

Standard 1: Lawful and transparent custody

Standard 2: Decency

Standard 3: Personal safety

Standard 4: Health and wellbeing

Standard 5: Effective, courteous and humane exercise of authority

Standard 6: Respect, autonomy and protection against mistreatment

Standard 7: Purposeful activity

Standard 8: Transitions from custody to life in the community

Standard 9: Equality, dignity and respect

Standard 10: Organisational effectiveness