Freedom of Information

Classes of Information made available through the Model FOI Publication Scheme -

Listed below are the classes and sub-classes of information which HMCIP publishes or intends to publish.   Copies of all information listed under these classes is available online, or in hard or electronic copy on request.

Class - Reports on Inspections carried out by the Inspectorate.   HMCIP's main statutory responsibility is the regular inspection of individual establishments.   In carrying out this function, matters that are inspected and reported on include physical conditions, quality of prisoner regimes, facilities available to staff and prisoners, questions of safety and decency, and the establishment's contribution to preventing re-offending.   Inspection reports include the sources of evidence on which decisions have been made.   These are published on an ad hoc basis.


  • Full Inspection Reports on Scottish Prisons carried out by the Inspectorate from 1995
  • Follow up Inspection reports carried out by the Inspectorate from 2003 
  • Inspection reports on legalised police cells in Scotland
  • Inspection reports on prisoner escort arrangements

Class - Thematic Studies carried out by the Inspectorate.   In addition to its primary function of inspecting prisons, the Inspectorate from time to time undertakes studies into issues that are common to all or some prisons.  As with inspection reports, these thematic study reports are submitted to Scottish Ministers and published.  These are published on an ad hoc basis.

Class - Annual Reports of the Inspectorate published.   The Inspectorate has a statutory obligation to prepare an Annual Report.   These reports, which are laid before the Scottish Parliament, summarise the work of the Inspectorate for the year in question.   The Annual Report also outlines HMCIP budget and expenditure for the year.

Class - Information about the Functions and Structure of HMCIP.   This class will provide operational information about the office of HMCIP, including the staffing structure, roles and responsibilities.   


  • Functions and Staffing of Inspectorate
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Functions, Staffing and Powers of the Inspectorate
  • HR functions - HMCIP is subject to the Scottish Government's HR policies.   These can be found under the Scottish Government's Publication Scheme at
  • The Inspectorate's up and coming inspections are posted on the website
  • Business and development objectives for HMCIP

Class - External Communications.   HMCIP Press Releases are issued via the Inspectorate communications function, and are available from the Inspectorate.   Key points made in speeches given by HMCIP are provided in inspection and annual reports, and are available separately from the Inspectorate.