prison cell

Standards of Inspection and Monitoring

These Standards for Inspecting and Monitoring Prisons in Scotland replace the Standards that were published in 2015.  The Quality Indicators have been reviewed to express as clearly as possible what will be monitored and inspected under each of the nine Standards.  They also place the human rights approach explicitly at the core of all of our monitoring and inspecting activities.

The regular monitoring and inspecting of prisons and other places of detention provide an important safeguard and a reassurance to the public. Such scrutiny needs to be conducted effectively, identifying both areas of good practice and where improvements should be made. The requirement to report these findings publicly contributes to public confidence in the criminal justice system.

These published standards are referenced against relevant law, international and professional guidance, policy and research findings.

The standards articulate what is expected of a well-run prison and contain very clear statements identifying what is important and what will be monitored and inspected.  They are designed to assist those who are running prisons and to encourage openness and transparency in the scrutiny of places of detention.