HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland: Annual Report 2016-2017

Independent Prison Monitoring Advisory Group

The Independent Prison Monitoring Advisory Group provides oversight of the effectiveness of Independent Prison Monitoring and the training and guidance available to IPMs, and makes recommendations for improvement. It is chaired by Dr Alan Mitchell, a member of the Scottish Human Rights Commission. Other members are:

  • David Croft, formerly Deputy Director of Prisons for the Scottish Prison Service and formerly the Governor of HMP Edinburgh 
  • Fiona Govan, IPM at HMP Greenock
  • Dan Gunn, formerly Director of Operations for the Scottish Prison Service 
  • Anne Hawkins, formerly the Director of Glasgow City Community Health Partnership. 
  • Hugh McGloin, IPM at HMP Low Moss 
  • Howard McKenzie, IPM at HMP & YOI Polmont
  • Jim McManus, UK representative on the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture
  • Muriel Mowat, IPM at HMP & YOI Polmont
  • Catherine Mullen, IPM at HMP & YOI Grampian
  • Richard Sparks, Professor of Criminology at the University of Edinburgh 
  • Marilyn Stenhouse, IPM at HMP & YOI Cornton Vale 
  • Pete White, founder and Chief Executive of Positive Prisons? Positive Futures 

In addition, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland is a member of the Advisory Group, along with the four Prison Monitoring Co‑ordinators. A representative from the Scottish Government’s Justice Directorate is also invited to each meeting as an observer, and IPMs are also invited to attend to observe the meeting. 

The Independent Prison Monitoring Advisory Group met four times during 2016-17. During this period the Advisory Group focussed on supporting the development and effective implementation of the new system, and in particular:

  • Finalising guidance for IPMs; 
  • Ensuring that members have the right information from HMIPS to enable them to provide appropriate oversight; 
  • Understanding the key risks around Independent Prison Monitoring and developing appropriate support and mitigation around these; and
  • Examining key themes arising from Independent Prison Monitoring and how these are being taken forward. 

The Advisory Group undertook its first Annual Review in November 2016, and identified a number of areas for improvement including oversight of training and a need to improve IPMs’ awareness and understanding of the group. 

HM Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland 

Staff – as at 31 March 2017
David Strang, HM Chief Inspector
Jim Farish, Deputy Chief Inspector
Malcolm Smith, Inspector
Alan Forman, Business Manager
Beth Macmaster, National Prison Monitoring Co-ordinator
Kerry Brooks, Regional Prison Monitoring Co-ordinator
Chris Collins, Regional Prison Monitoring Co-ordinator
Christopher Johnston, Regional Prison Monitoring Co-ordinator
Dorothy Halliday, Executive Assistant
Alexandra Costello, IPM Support Officer
Lauren Mizen, Intern


Costs for the year were as follows: (£)
Staff costs* 627,747
Subsistence and motor mileage 49,486
Printing and Binding 9,268
Travel and Accommodation 21,545
Hospitality 1,345
Conference Fees 1,394
Other running costs 25,220
Total 736,005

* No employees earned in excess of £150,000

In the first full financial year of its operation (2016-17) the cost of Independent Prison Monitoring was £314,800 see Scottish Parliament website response to question S5W-08315.

Freedom of Information 
A total of 13 requests were received – all were responded to within the required timescale.

Contact Details
Telephone: 0131 244 8484
Inspection email:
Monitoring email:

Submission to the Scottish Parliament
The 2015-2016 Annual Report was laid before the Scottish Parliament in October 2016.

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