HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland: Strategic Plan 2019-22


Wendy Sinclair-Gieben, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland

I am delighted to introduce my Strategic Plan for 2019-2022.

On taking up post as HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland (HMCIPS) in July 2018, I undertook to develop a three-year Strategic Plan for the Inspectorate with an accompanying Business Plan. This Strategic Plan sets out an ambitious programme to build on the Inspectorate's successes and continue to deliver a credible, competent and collaborative Inspectorate that strengthens public confidence and supports continuous improvement.

It also provides the blueprint for the future and I have set out the Strategic Objectives for the period 2019-22, together with an overview of our Business Plan's key priorities for 2019-20.

To be truly effective, the Inspectorate's strategic planning and implementation will centre around four key activities:

  • Full and effective management support to drive forward rigorous effective scrutiny, and promote a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Internal and external communication of the Inspectorate's vision and planning commitments.
  • Strengthen organisational planning and analysis.
  • Maximise employee and partner engagement in shaping and delivering the Inspectorate's commitments.

The changes that have occurred in the last three years, with the introduction of prison monitoring, means the Inspectorate now has the capability to redesign its approach to be more flexible, transparent and effective. This recognition drives the first strategic objective, where the Inspectorate will be working collaboratively with its inspection partners Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), Education Scotland, the Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC), the Care Inspectorate and Children and Young Peoples Commissioner Scotland (CYPCS) to co-design a risk-based approach to inspection. This new approach will recognise the importance of the findings from Independent Prison Monitors (IPMs), utilise the considerable existing findings available, draw on our partners' best practice in scrutiny models and complement the existing Standards for Inspecting and Monitoring Prisons in Scotland that are founded on the Human Rights Based Approach – PANEL Principles (See Annex C). We will engage openly and fully with the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) when developing a new risk-based approach to inspection, without compromising on our commitment to independent scrutiny.

As part of that commitment, we will maintain a Business Plan that reviews the Inspectorate's progress, and ensures it operates effectively and efficiently towards our strategic priorities, whilst staying within our allocated budget.

This Strategic Plan gives a credible and coherent framework for the continuing development of HM Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland (HMIPS). Our vision, values, strategic ambition and key priorities will guide the next three years of our work and development. I am confident that they are principles and values that build on the achievements of the last three years and resonate strongly with our own staff, the team of volunteer IPMs and our key partners. As ever,
I am most grateful to all of them for their dedication and commitment, and look forward to working with them as we take forward these important strategic initiatives.

Wendy Sinclair-Gieben
HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland