Report on HMP Addiewell 6-17 August 2018

Annex F


BBV Blood Bourne virus
BICSc British Institute of Cleaning Science
C&R Control and Restraint
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CM Case Manager
CPSS Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite
CSRA  Cell Sharing Risk Assessment
CV Closed Visits
D&I Diversity and Inclusion
DWP Department of Work and Pension
E&D Equality and Diversity
ECR Electronic Control Room
ESOL English as a Second Language
FCO Family Coordination Officer
GPA Generic Programme Assessment
HDC Home Detention Curfew
ICM Integrated Case Management
ICT Information and communications technology
IPM Independent Prison Monitor
MAPPA Multi‑Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MDT Mandatory Drug Testing
NPS Novel Psychoactive Substance
PBSW Prison Based Social Worker
PCF Prisoner Complaint Form
PR2 Prisoner Record System – version 2
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority
TKO Training and Knowledge Opportunity
OLR Order of Lifelong Restriction
OMU Offender Management Unit
PAT Portable Appliance Testing
PER Personal Escort Report
PIAC Prisoner Information and Activity Committee
PID Perimeter Intruder Detection
QI Quality Indicator
RRA Reception Risk Assessment
SCQF Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework
SHORE Sustainable Housing on Release for Everyone
SMT Senior Management Team
SPS Scottish Prison Service
SRU Separation and Reintegration Unit
TSO Throughcare Support Officer
TTM Talk to Me
VISION National Health Service electronic healthcare record system
WMD Walk Through Metal Detector