Report on HMP Addiewell 6-17 August 2018

Standard 4 – Effective, Courteous and Humane Exercise of Authority

The prison performs the duties both to protect the public by detaining prisoners in custody and to respect the individual circumstances of each prisoner by maintaining order effectively, with courtesy and humanity.

The prison ensures that the thorough implementation of security and supervisory duties is balanced by courteous and humane treatment of prisoners and visitors to the prison. Procedures relating to perimeter, entry and exit security, and the personal safety, searching, supervision and escorting of prisoners are implemented effectively. The level of security and supervision is not excessive.

Satisfactory performance

Inspection Findings
Overall Rating: Satisfactory performance

It was evident that robust systems and processes were in place to ensure the security of the establishment. The admission process for both staff, prisoners and visitors was robust and delivered with courtesy and humanity. With all those entering being screened by fingerprint, Walk Through Metal Detectors and rubdown search. All vehicles and mail were robustly searched, and due to contract requirements a concerted effort was made to ensure that all doors were secured. The establishment had excellent links to Police Scotland to ensure a joint approach to dealing with emerging issues such as NPS use.

Staff throughout the establishment were aware of security and, whilst there was a strong focus on it, all searching observed was conducted to ensure dignity was maintained throughout. All staff spoken to were aware of the appropriate use of force and it was encouraging to see the importance placed on this by the management team, with every use of force being reviewed including viewing available CCTV and camera coverage available. Use of force and violent incidents were reviewed at the weekly violence reduction meeting, and the prison had plans to implement body‑worn cameras as a step to help tackle incidents of violence.

Whilst the use of separation was generally proportionate and lawful there were occasions where both Rule 95 and Rule 41 were used back to back, extending the period a prisoner was removed from association to up to six days. HMP Addiewell and the SPS should review this approach to avoid using two separate rules consecutively when dealing with individuals with problematic and changeable behaviour. Case conferences focused on reintegration and prisoners were encouraged to give their input and to agree on reintegration. Where required, specialist support staff were invited to attend.