Report on Full Inspection of HMP & YOI Grampian: 4 - 15 February 2019

HMIPS Standard 2


The prison supplies the basic requirements of decent life to the prisoners.

The prison provides to all prisoners the basic physical requirements for a decent life.  All buildings, rooms, outdoor spaces and activity areas are of adequate size, well maintained, appropriately furnished, clean and hygienic.  Each prisoner has a bed, bedding and suitable clothing, has good access to toilets and washing facilities, is provided with necessary toiletries and cleaning materials and is properly fed.  These needs are met in ways that promote each prisoner’s sense of personal and cultural identity and self-respect.

Inspection Findings
Overall Rating: Satisfactory Performance

Satisfactory performance

HMP YOI Grampian is a modern prison therefore the inspection team expected high standards of decency.  The prison had good facilities and overall was generally well maintained.  The external areas were neat and tidy, as were all of the main activity areas including the gymnasium and visits areas.  At times, the main corridor from the ‘Street’ to Ellon Hall was littered but was regularly cleaned during the inspection week.

The condition of cells varied with graffiti observed in a number of areas, mainly Ellon and Dyce Hall.  Banff Hall appeared to be cleaner with no evidence of graffiti.  The accessible cells were of a good standard and fit for purpose for wheel chair users.

Generally, standards of clothing were appropriate but there were instances where this clothing was not always available in the required range and sizes; particularly in the First Night in Custody areas. There was a good supply of appropriate inclement weather jackets.  Although mattresses and pillows viewed were in good condition, a consistent comment that is also reported during other inspections was that they did not allow a good night’s sleep.

All residential areas had access to in-cell sanitation including a shower.  The accessible cells were of a good standard and the mother and baby cells were of a high standard.  Toiletries were freely available and for those that wished to do so there was an extensive canteen list to purchase more popular brands.  Cleanliness was of a reasonable standard.  However, infection control was a concern due to a lack of training courses in the British Institute of Cleaning Science and Biohazards courses, which could result in a risk of cross contamination and should therefore be remedied as soon as possible.

Catering came out very well within this Standard with good quality food, good choices and many opportunities to choose a healthy option. Catering staff held regular meetings with prisoners to discuss food choices and healthy alternatives. The majority of prisoners spoke positively about the meals that were provided.  HMP YOI Grampian worked hard at meeting the needs of those with dietary or religious beliefs, which appeared to work well.

The opportunity for parents to bake their children a birthday cake was an excellent way to assist in the parent child relationship.