Report on Full Inspection of HMP & YOI Grampian: 4 - 15 February 2019

HMIPS Standard 3

Personal Safety

The prison takes all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of all prisoners.

All appropriate steps are taken to minimise the levels of harm to which prisoners are exposed.  Appropriate steps are taken to protect prisoners from harm from others or themselves.  Where violence or accidents do occur, the circumstances are thoroughly investigated and appropriate management action taken.

Inspection Findings
Overall Rating: Generally Acceptable

Generally acceptable performance

Inspectors were impressed by the commitment of the staff team in HMP YOI Grampian to get things right with regard to personal safety.  It was clear that staff wanted to ensure that the establishment was safe and orderly and that no one came to harm.

Despite the commitment of the staff team, inspectors found a mixed picture in terms of policy and practice with regard to this Standard.

The establishment had a good multi-agency approach to addressing issues of lower level and more serious incidents of violence, with implementation of their Safer Prison SOP.  Although this allowed for discussion of possible incidences of bullying, the lack of an over-arching anti-bullying strategy was a concern.  In addition, the excessive use of the auxiliary cell located in the SRU should be reviewed as a priority.

Overall, staff and prisoners said they felt safe but there were some notable exceptions, including non-offence protection prisoners being accommodated on mainstream halls.  Concerns were also consistently raised with inspectors about staffing levels in general, but also about the consistency of staff teams leading to concerns over personal safety.

TTM processes were properly enacted and a robust audit process was in place.  The delay of mental health input to support the process was a concern and raised with the Healthcare team.

Health and Safety practice within the establishment had some positive elements. However, action needs to be taken to address some areas of concern, such as the completion of accident reporting paperwork and adherence to supplementary policy on issues such as blood borne viruses.