Report on HMP Kilmarnock Follow-up Inspection, 14-19 July 2014

Key Facts


HMP Kilmarnock is situated on the A76, two miles from Kilmarnock in the Bowhouse area.


The population is made up of male remand, short and long term adult prisoners.

Design Capacity/Population held at time of Inspection

HMP Kilmarnock is a high security prison with 500 cells with a maximum contract capacity of 692. A total of 501 prisoners were held at the time of inspection of which 84 were untried, 217 were serving short-term sentences, 121 serving 4 to 10 years, 15 serving 10 years plus with 63 life sentence prisoners and 1 prisoner was awaiting deportation.

Brief History

The 25 year contract commenced operation on 25 March 1999 as the first Design, Construct, Manage & Finance (DCMF) contract also known as Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) prison operation in Scotland.

HMP Kilmarnock is operated by SERCO under a contract issued by Scottish Ministers to Kilmarnock Prison Service Limited (KPSL).

Date of last inspection

September/October 2011.


HMP Kilmarnock has two Houseblocks, each with four wings. The wings are self-contained and have their own dining area, laundry, exercise yard and recreation area. There is also a Health Centre and Separation and Reintegration Unit.

Healthcare Provider

NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Learning Provider

In-House team