Report on HMP Kilmarnock Follow-up Inspection, 14-19 July 2014

Good Practice

Good Practice 1: Literacy and numeracy outreach sessions delivered in the residential Wings are being successful in encouraging and supporting hard-to-reach prisoners to take the first steps towards developing these skills. (paragraph 1.3)

Good Practice 2: ACT 2 Care documentation reviewed and audited by senior management. (paragraph 1.5)

Good Practice 3: Use of standardised Pre-release Medical Referral Form by NHS Ayrshire and Arran. (paragraph 1.8)

Good Practice 4: Staff responsible for industries, learning and skills and PT make effective use of Offender Outcomes Group Meetings to plan and communicate activities and contribute to prison-wide initiatives, departmental and joint projects. (paragraph 2.29)

Good Practice 5: Health Champions organise a wide range of events to stimulate interest and participation in sports activities and includes coordinating promotion of health and wellbeing. (paragraph 3.9)

Good Practice 6: In addition to the core sessions, as part of the alcohol awareness and substance misuse courses, two reviews take place following completion at three monthly intervals and a further pre-release review is provided to enhance the impact of participation. (paragraph 3.12)