Report on HMP Kilmarnock Follow-up Inspection, 14-19 July 2014

Executive Summary

This inspection assesses the progress made by HMP Kilmarnock in responding to the Recommendations and Action Points made in the full inspection carried out in 2011. It also assesses if elements of the service previously considered to be Good Practice remain in place.

There are three criteria; Not Achieved, Partially Achieved and Achieved. These are defined as:

Not Achieved: Overall, there is insufficient evidence of progress against our Recommendations or Action Points which either has a negative effect on prisoners or does not improve outcomes for prisoners.

Partially achieved: Overall, progress against our Recommendations or Action Points is slow or negligible and/or there is little evidence of improvements in outcomes for prisoners.

Achieved: Overall there is evidence that demonstrates efforts have been made to respond to our Recommendations and Action Points in a way that is having a discernible, positive impact on outcomes for prisoners.

Summary of Progress


At our inspection in 2011 we made 10 general Recommendations for the establishment of which 7 have been achieved, 2 partially achieved and 1 is deemed no longer applicable.

Action Points

Of the 40 Action Points identified for the establishment, 25 have been achieved; 5 partially achieved and 7 have not been achieved and 3 are deemed no longer applicable.

Good Practice

All of the 16 Areas of Good Practice identified in the original inspection report are still in place.

We have made a further 11 Recommendations and noted 6 Areas of Good Practice.

The paragraph reference number at the end of each Recommendation, Action Point and Area of Good Practice refers to its location in the previous inspection report which can be found in publications.