Report on HMP Kilmarnock Follow-up Inspection, 14-19 July 2014


Recommendation 1: HMP Kilmarnock should undertake further analysis of the number of prisoners identified as being at risk to provide assurance of safe practice. (paragraph 1.5)

Recommendation 2: NHS Ayrshire and Arran should ensure that all treatment rooms are fit for purpose and comply with all relevant standards and legislation. (paragraph 1.6)

Recommendation 3: HMP Kilmarnock should consider delivering the report writing protocol to relevant staff and monitor its impact on the quality of reports produced thereafter. (paragraph 1.10)

Recommendation 4: HMP Kilmarnock should work to further reduce the time prisoners on admission spend in Reception. (paragraph 2.1)

Recommendation 5: HMP Kilmarnock should ensure that all prisoners have access to one hour in the open air every day. (paragraph 2.8)

Recommendation 6: HMP Kilmarnock should ensure that the process for supervising prisoners at outside exercise is safe at all times. (paragraph 2.9)

Recommendation 7: HMP Kilmarnock should review the processes associated with the high numbers of prisoners deemed medically unfit for work. (paragraph 2.19)

Recommendation 8: HMP Kilmarnock should ensure that there are opportunities for prisoners on protection to undertake vocational qualifications within production worksheds. (paragraph 2.32)

Recommendation 9: HMP Kilmarnock and NHS Ayrshire and Arran should ensure that a Multi-disciplinary Mental Health Team meeting, chaired by a senior operational manager, meets every two weeks. (paragraph 2.38)

Recommendation 10: The SPS and NHS should engage in further debate in relation to the level and quality of dental treatment afforded to untried prisoners. (paragraph 2.39)

Recommendation 11: HMP Kilmarnock should ensure that visit entitlements between prisoners and their children are not related to the level attained in the Incentives and Earned Privileges Scheme. (paragraph 3.8)